Give your employees the mental health program they deserve

Evoluno provides organizations with a comprehensive mental health program, based on an approach that combines the best of digital and human coaching.

Mental health in your organization, from A to Z


Quarterly assessments of employees' mental well-being, measure the percentage of people at risk, and steer your actions in a targeted and effective way using an online tool.


A web and mobile learning center (iOS/Android) providing access to over 100 self-assessment and personalized learning resources, accessible where and when the employee needs them.


A network of therapists and coaches with whom each employee can be put in contact according to his or her preferences and needs in a few minutes via the digital platform.


Access to the Evoluno activity program including discussion groups, specific training for your managers, creation of ambassadors by our experts.

Available in FR/NL/EN
Communication equipment
Dedicated account manager
Monthly progress report
Launch assistance and customised communication plan
Funding system for therapies
Promotion of your existing internal resources within our platform
Satisfied or refunded
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Thanks to Evoluno, your well-being initiatives will finally yield results

Your employees are finally taking action to improve their mental health.


No more frustration about organising awareness-raising activities in which your employees do not take part. More than 50% of employees covered by Evoluno take action. 75% of those at risk have taken action and successfully reduced their disorder.

You improve mental health in your organisation quickly and sustainably.

On average, we see a 10-15% improvement in mental wellbeing among our clients after 3 months. As a result, you increase employeeengagement and productivity , and reduce absenteeism and turnover.

You get a significant return on investment within the first few months.


Given the cost of a disengaged or mentally ill employee and the improvement in well-being provided by Evoluno, you get an estimated return on investment (ROI) of x10. (10€ for 1€ invested).

70,000 members have access to Evoluno

"I could quickly see the impact of Evoluno on people who had not taken action before, and the interest and use of the learning resources."
Charlotte Cappelle
HR Director, Medi-Market
"I felt that something was wrong but I didn't know what to do. I had no energy left and I felt lost. On the advice of a colleague I took the burnout risk test in Evoluno and it made me realise that there was a real problem."
Evoluno user
"I have done courses sometimes in the evening, sometimes in the morning on the transport. The short format with the flexibility to read or listen is very good. "
Evoluno user
"Among the suggested anger management techniques, I have tested and selected the one that suits me best. And it is effective! I will certainly recommend it to others.
Evoluno user
"Thanks to Evoluno I was able to get in touch with the right specialist and take action. "
User, Evoluno
"The app helps me develop good habits to improve my wellbeing, including notifications that remind me it's time to take care of myself. "
Evoluno user

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Case study

How Medi-Market significantly reduced the risk of its employees


Some simple steps to empower your employees to take care of their mental health

Regularly map the mental well-being of its employees

Regular and specific monitoring of mental well-being is essential to understand the sources of ill-being, the key themes to be addressed and the communication strategy to be adopted. Granular monitoring of employees' mental health is essential for steering it.

Approach mental health as a resource to be cultivated, rather than a risk to be managed

Implementing a proactive approach is an opportunity. It is also an expectation of your employees: more than 85% of workers want to improve their mental well-being. To help them do this, the resources offered must help them understand themselves better through self-assessments, provide simple and digestible microlearning paths to better self-management, be personalised, accessible 24/7, and easily consumable.

Create an effective, reliable and confidential support system

Traditional help lines are underused and ineffective. An effective support system combines several sources of help, both internal and external, and allows a frictionless transition from digital to human by guiding the person concerned to the right specialist, based on their needs and preferences.

Continuously promote resources through activation campaigns

Creating a collective dynamic is necessary to build organisational resilience. To stay top-of-mind, think: issue-specific campaigns, focus groups, learning cohorts, wellness ambassador training. By making mental health a topic that can be discussed, the whole organisation benefits.

Do you want to help your employees to be better? Don't wait any longer

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