Access the right resource at the right time.

Evoluno guides you in a proactive approach to self-improvement via digital pathways and redirects you, if necessary, to a qualified specialist for a personalised follow-up.

Whether you want to better manage your stress, sleep, energy level or interactions with others (and many other things), Evoluno always has a solution in your pocketĀ 

100% digital, self-service learning programmes.

Our interactive pathways help you to be better in your daily life. Each course combines self-assessments, short audio clips and practical exercises.

Whether you want to improve your sleep, communication, reduce stress or anxiety, or increase your optimism, we have programmes to suit you.

All learning has been designed with psychologists using scientifically proven methods.

Be guided to the right specialist.

Get in touch with a psychologist of your choice, based on a short list selected online on the basis of your specific needs and preferences.

Whether it is to solve a specific and punctual problem, an efficient specialist is at your disposal. Each psychologist has been screened and selected for his or her expertise and experience.

Depending on the plan subscribed by your employer, an intervention in the costs is possible.

Company resources, such as trusted persons or prevention advisors, are also available from the application.

Knowing where you stand

Throughout your journey, you will have access to quick assessments that allow you to take stock of your condition and the dimensions you can improve.

Are you at risk of burn-out? Or do you suffer from anxiety? Are you able to cope with everyday frustrations?

These assessments have been designed with psychologists and are based on clinical questionnaires.

A coach who guides you to the right resource.

Evoluno guides you during your journey by recommending the most suitable courses for you based on your responses to the assessments.

No matter what your current level of wellness is, we have resources to help you get even better.

Quick tools

You can also use Evoluno on an ad hoc basis to perform activities when the need arises.

You have at your disposal a variety of interactive breathing exercises, to better manage your stress, fight insomnia or concentrate.

We also provide you with a tool that allows you to easily perform quick self-assessments on various dimensions of your mental health: risk of burnout, anxiety, energy, quality of sleep, for example.

Frequently asked questions.

Is the application confidential?

Of course, confidentiality is an issue that we take very seriously because we understand the sensitivity of some of the data you share. Your data is therefore protected with the utmost care and we comply with all applicable privacy standards. We do not share your personal data with anyone, not even your employer! If we share statistics with your employer, it is never data that identifies a specific user, but only aggregated and anonymised statistics.

Are the paths offered really effective?

We do everything possible to offer content that has a real impact. Our content is developed by psychologists. Each content is offered only if tangible evidence of effectiveness have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Most of the exercises and techniques proposed are derived from cognitive-behavioral therapies and are therefore based on solid scientific foundations.

What languages are available?

Evoluno is currently available in French, Dutch and English.

How many different courses are available?

Evoluno currently offers about fifteen different routes. We add new ones every month. The complete list of available courses is visible in the application, via the Courses tab.

Is there a charge for sessions with psychologists?

Yes, unless your employer has decided to subscribe to an option to reimburse some of your sessions. If this is the case, it will be communicated to you via the application when you contact a psychologist.

However, even if your employer has not subscribed to this option, it is possible that your mutual insurance company will offer you a partial reimbursement on its side. We advise you to contact them directly.

I get free sessions. How does this work for reimbursement?

We take care of everything, you don't have to pay anything. We act as an intermediary between the psychologist and your employer in such a way as to guarantee complete confidentiality. It is therefore impossible for an employer to know the identity of the people benefiting from the reimbursed therapy sessions.