Our mission.

Evoluno's mission is to make mental wellbeing and personal development accessible to everyone, both through digital and human means. We want to use technology to break down the barriers that prevent access to mental wellness resources.

Our team.

Our values.

We work every day to make mental wellbeing accessible to everyone, while always keeping in mind our values.


What matters most is the progress of our users. We measure this systematically.


We believe that humans do well if they can. So any difficulty, any failure, pushes us to help the person experiencing it to overcome it.


We want to make mental well-being and personal development accessible to everyone. 


We are radically transparent. We systematically share our successes, and failures, internally and with our partners.

Origin of the name.

Evolve. Evolve. Evoluar. Evolueren.

In many languages, the word "evolve" begins in the same way, because it comes from the Latin "Evolutio", which means the action of unrolling, a parchment for example, or opening, as one opens a book. And this is probably the most difficult and important step of any work: to open to another.

Uno. One. Unique.

Because each of us is unique. And our evolution requires to pierce our uniqueness, to update it, to better understand our deep nature and to move forward. Thus there are no two identical therapies; the individual work is first individualized.