January 31, 2022

Evoluno raises €600,000 to end the burn-out epidemic.

Evoluno raises €600,000 to end the burn-out epidemic.

Evoluno, publisher of an innovative solution to transform mental health in the enterprise, announces a €600k round of financing from business angels and institutional partners such as Finance&invest.Brussels, Digital Attraxion, and Invest.BW

The number of people on long-term sick leave in Belgium has just passed the 500,000 mark (more than unemployment), almost 40% of which are due to mental health-related disorders. In particular, burn-out and long-term depression have increased by 40% over the last 4 years. To put an end to this epidemic of unhappiness, the government is talking about imposing stronger sanctions on companies that do not take effective measures against absenteeism. But how to deal with it? Some actors are mobilising to change the situation.

Evoluno, a company created at the end of 2020 within the digital health incubator E-Health Venture by digital experts and an experienced psychologist (Egide Altenloh), has set itself the objective of helping employers to better prevent burn-out and other mental wellbeing problems. Evoluno combines a digital tool for self-assessment and rapid learning (micro-learning) and confidentiality, with the use of internal or external networks to which users are guided, based in particular on self-assessment tools made available. 

According to Anne Cambier, an experienced HR professional (former HRD Orange), investor and member of the board of directors, it is time: "It is urgent, the mental health of employees is in a bad way. A real and deep suffering, and beyond that, a gigantic impact for the economy and companies. In search of innovative solutions that go beyond traditional solutions based on psychosocial risks, companies want to act. Evoluno's approach, based on a positive and inclusive transformation method, combining digital and human, seduced me."

The customers are also impressed. Medi-Market, Scarlet, as well as many SMEs are among the customers a few months after the launch. Big names in the consultancy and luxury sectors, who prefer to keep a low profile, have also adopted the solution. And the impact follows, with between 30 and 50% of staff signing up, and reporting improved health thanks to the solution. 

Evoluno is now counting on this fresh funding to accelerate. For Alexandre Vandermeersch, co-founder: "Beyond this new money that will be invested in our product and our business development, we are happy to have a group of real change makers joining the adventure."

Indeed, among the participants in this round, we find private players such as the Go.Green fund and SMILE Impact (linked to the Anais Digital agency), or from the Be-Angels network, specialised in impact investment. There are also more institutional players such as Finance&invest.Brussels, Digital Attraxion and Invest.BW. These regional funds also view this type of company favourably.

According to Pierre Hermant, CEO Finance&invest.Brussels: "We believe that it is possible to combine commercial objectives with societal impact. This is one of the strengths of this project: to meet both a business and a social need. And we are delighted to support Evoluno in this adventure. 

In addition to two of the founders, Matthieu Gilson and Alexandre Vandermeersch, the board of directors will include two experienced business angels, Anne Cambier and Baudouin van Male. In addition, Xavier Pansaers, former COO of Odoo, will offer his assistance as an independent member. Finally, Claire Munck, CEO of BE Angels, will also be a member.

Alexandre Vandermeersch concludes: "It is time to change the approach. More and more leaders see the mental health of their employees as an asset to invest in, not a risk to manage. We are looking forward to supporting more of them in their approach, thanks to this fundraising."

About Evoluno.

Founded in 2020, Evoluno's mission is to offer an effective solution to transform psychological well-being in the workplace through the combination of digital and human. It offers its subscribing companies a real digital and confidential coach for staff members. Based on an initial questionnaire, members can assess their situation, such as their risk of burn-out, follow digital micro-learning paths, and use quick tools such as breathing exercises. Spontaneously or following a self-assessment, employees can be referred to the right person, whether it be a specialised psychologist or an internal service.

About E-Health Venture.

E-Health Venture is a start-up studio and focuses as anincubator and accelerator on promising projects and start-ups in the field of smart and digital health. The role of E-Health Venture is to create strong teams that bring together experts in medicine, technology and business to develop their business in a sustainable and successful way.

It provides end-to-end support to all players in the healthcare sector: from identifying and developing innovative projects to supporting existing start-ups. 


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