August 31, 2022

The 4 pillars of better management of mental health in the workplace

The 4 pillars of better management of mental health in the workplace

In this article, we provide 4 simple steps to help your employees take charge of their mental health: and regularly monitor mental well-being

2 Cultivating mental health as a resource

3.create and promote an effective and confidential support system

4 Promoting varied and personalized resources

Regularly map employees' mental well-being 

Regular, specific monitoring of mental well-being is essential to understand the sources of malaise, the key themes to be addressed, and the communication strategy. Granular monitoring of employees' mental health is essential to its management. A global diagnosis of the company is essential, and can be carried out in the form of a series of questions: 

  • How are employees feeling at the moment?
  • What elements negatively affect their well-being?
  • Is the work-life balance respected? 
  • What is the general atmosphere like? Employee relations, employee-employer relations? 

As you can see, the questions to ask are many and varied. The aim is to map out the general work climate. This mapping can then be used to draw up a concrete strategy and action plan to optimize mental health within the organization.

By regularly repeating this mapping exercise, the identification and prevention of mental disorders in the workplace becomes an integral part of the corporate culture.  

We recommend using a 5-10 minute questionnaire, every 3 to 6 months. This will enable you to understand the populations at risk (departments, for example), and the impact of actions taken previously, to better define your short-term actions. 

Approach mental health as a resource to be cultivated, rather than a risk to be managed 

Implementing a proactive approach is an opportunity. It's also an expectation of your employees: over 85% of workers want to improve their mental well-being (based on our Evoluno customer surveys). To cultivate mental health, you need to provide workers with the right tools. For example, you can provide workers with resources that enable them to learn independently. Ideally, these resources should also be personalized, accessible 24/7, and easy to consume. This is obviously what we offer at Evoluno.

Create an effective, reliable and confidential support system 

Traditional telephone help lines are under-used and ineffective. An effective support system combines several sources of help, both internal and external to the organization. It must enable a frictionless transition from digital to human by guiding the person concerned to the right contact, based on their needs and preferences, expressed online. Then, if possible, the people concerned will feel much more comfortable taking action if they can view the psychologists' profiles before making an appointment. 

Promote resources through activation campaigns 

Creating a collective dynamic is necessary to build organisational resilience. To stay top-of-mind, think: issue-specific campaigns, focus groups, learning cohorts, wellness ambassador training. By making mental health a topic that can be discussed, the whole organisation benefits.

In a world of hyperconnection and digitalization, the creation of online resources is becoming a modern and diversified technique for raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. Here are a few digital solutions for promoting mental health both inside and outside the workplace: 

  • The creation of discussion/support groups on social networks, for example, can help raise awareness among certain types of workers who are currently experiencing difficulties. The sense of belonging and interaction with similar cases can make the difference in changing workplace practices and, more specifically, drawing attention to certain issues,
  • Coaching programs and e-learning courses to raise awareness of mental health issues in the workplace also offer another way of studying and promoting mental health in the workplace, 
  • Organizing online conferences and workshops on mental health promotion is also an interesting digital resource for bringing together employees from different sectors around the same theme. But it's also a way of gradually changing the culture around mental health: it's no longer a taboo but a subject like any other that concerns everyone, and which can be improved at any time, just like physical health.

It is possible to effectively manage mental health in the workplace by diversifying the tools and methods used to support employees. Well-being at work is an essential factor in a company's success and performance, which is why the quality of life of each employee needs to be closely assessed. 

Evoluno offers an integrated approach based on these 4 pillars: book an appointment to find out more!

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